­­We are currently living in a world, that I can say many people did not see happening two years ago. With the current election behind us and the first three months of the new administration, times are definitely changing. Regardless of your political views, and who you support or do not support, it is something that we as a society are learning to live with.

Part of that process is the idea of people expressing themselves via rallies, protests, etc.

A theatre production recently opened in Denver, Colorado entitled “Building the Wall” which pushes this idea to the limits.

To summarize the plot rather quickly, a racist administration (some would say, similar to the current administration) takes over and expels illegal immigrants (funny how this sounds kind of familiar again).

This is in complete response to the past couple of months and the production is not trying to hide this one bit. The production poster for this show, is a silhouette of our current president upside down, with his ever so famous hair.

It does however, bring up and important element of theatre. The ability to comment and speak out about things that are happening in the news is something that not everyone can get away with. Theatre gives the ability to some small theatre in the middle of Colorado a chance to be heard.

The risks in putting on a show like this are pretty cut and dry. The company goes into this type of production knowing that this is not going to be for everyone and that this is going to be a controversial show. Being a predominately democratic state, including in this previous election, it limits the risk a little, but you cannot eliminate risk completely. There will still be those that either come see the show, get offended and regret coming or those that do not come to the show at all.

But that is the beauty of theatre.

Theatre IS thought-provoking. Theatre IS controversial. Theatre IS sometimes a statement on society.

For those in the Denver area, you have a few more chances to see the show at Curious Theatre. The show closes on April 19th.

How do you feel about productions making comments on today’s society, similar to this company in Denver? Should theatre stay out of the political circle completely, or is there a legitimate argument for putting on this kind of show? Comment your thoughts down below!