Theatre is a world that gives the viewers a chance to disappear. Theatre is an opportunity to allow the person who is viewing whatever it is they are watching an escape from the day to day world we live in. It is a chance to dive into someone else’s world and see the world that they see.

BBC News came out with an article last week that discussed the fact that half of teenagers have not been to a theatre before. This breaks my heart.

Everyone should be given the opportunity to go see art get created on stage for a couple of hours. Theatre is something I found eight years ago in high school, and it is something that has shaped my life every day since then.

There are plenty of theatres around the Towson area that offer ways for people who do not have the economic resources for tickets.

  1. Baltimore Center Stage offers college students an opportunity to purchase $20 tickets. For the price for a dinner of two, you can go see bold and innovative theatre. Center Stage does a lot of theatre that you may not be able to see at other places. A good place to branch out.
  2. Everyman Theatre is located across the street from the Hippodrome Theatre, a 20-minute car ride from Towson University. Everyman has Student Night, where you can pay $10 for Sunday Evening performance. Having said that, their “Pay-What-You-Can” night might just be as good as it gets. For the final dress rehearsal, tickets are sold on a first come, first serve basis. You can pay anything you can for the tickets. If you have five dollars, then you can pay that price. If you only have a dollar, they will accept that as well. It gives everyone no excuses, not to go see great professional theatre.
  3. Towson University’s own Center for the Arts is a great place to see the people who are aiming to get to one of the two theatres listed above. Vouchers are available and can be redeemed for a $5 ticket. Without the voucher, tickets are only $10 for students. It is a great way to go out and support fellow Towson Tiger students.

Theatre should be something everyone has the opportunity to go see. It brings people together in a way, that only a few things can. You share in this experience together with the people that come to the show with you. Everyone needs a break from life now and again. Let theatre be that escape for you.

Let me know about some of the best theatre shows you have seen, professional or non-professional and any other great opportunities that you can see theatre in the Baltimore area for decent pricing.